As we swiftly move toward the hyper-connected year 2030, where we will spend even more than 116 minutes a day online, real life connection in nature is so important. Nature is an antidote to the electromagnetic clutter we accumulate daily. And nature-therapy is a very real phenomenon that helps us stay grounded.

As a pre-internet generation, I feel that Gen X & Gen Y have a pivotal role in society in 2030.

Did you know that artificial intelligence may be a primary source of friendship for our kids in 2030? If you’re also slightly horrified by this prediction, you may also feel urged to ensure real life connection is carried into the future. Gen X & Gen Y were raised in an era where face-to-face-communication was a necessity for friendship. Therefore, we are the generational link that will encourage our grandchildren to enjoy real life connection with people and nature.

That’s why an InstaMeet with a pixie in a forest is great way to foster this experience! It was a joy to meet up with the 3hrsfromhome community on March 24 at Fairy Dell. Not only did we partake in a Fairy Greeting and a frolick through the forest, we scavenged for Easter eggs and witnessed the magic of nature.

In a reflective social media post, Jeremy shared heartwarming comments about his time at the InstaMeet:

“Spent the morning yesterday at Fairy Dell in one of our most ancient and diverse #rainforest pockets still surviving at the moment. Very happy to support local business #threehoursfromhome that links nature based experiences in East Gippsland with an infectious and positive community spirit. Yesterdays #instameet providing opportunities for people to experience #eastgippslands wild places.”


Infectious and positive community spirit, cultivated through human-to-human-connection.

This is what I hope our children carry into the year 2030. A heartfelt desire to share real life nature-based experiences with their friends and community. Rather than through virtual reality or augmented reality.

Huge thanks to Pixie Violet for her vibrant energy and hiding fairy doors throughout the Dell. And a thousand thanks to Nick Matolytsch for his 360-degree photography genius. Special mention goes to Eimear McNelis of Red Dirt Blog for travelling all the way from Thorpdale and Mish for road trippin’ from Sale.

Images credits: 3hrsfromhome, Jeremy Schroeder, Pixie Violet and Laila Bertelli.

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