Editor’s note:

When I heard that our friend Ben was going to a Goongerah Environment Centre (GECO) Citizen Science Camp at Kuark Forest, I knew he was going to enjoy his nature-based experience.

Kuark Forest is a fragile ecosystem in the Errinundra Plateau in far-East Gippsland. Home to rare rainforest, endangered animal species and at the whim of logging any day now.

Enjoy Ben’s piece about Kuark.

And if you want to get involved with citizen science camps in the Errinundra Plateau, you can learn more here.



by Ben Marchbank

Bundled in after morning meal, tired, excited guiding the wheel

Songs and shrieks 3 and 5, mile by mile beginning to thrive

Bouncing ferns, sheltered canopy, creased scrappy paper pulls left of the knowledge tree

Scattered habitat borrowing natures creation, enriching soul, mind elevation

Weaving, breathing, cool energising, base camp smoulders, loving shoulders

Resolute tenacity intensifying, carbon investment choice and divestment

Absentee digital distraction, orange red, sunlight refraction

Distilled, inspiring, secret wiring, together alone, (and all of this) …… 3 hours from home?


This is a place to be revered.


Saving Kuark from GECO Goongerah


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