Each time we go on a 4×4 trip, a sense of excitement and trepidation washes over the passenger side of the Triton. We had a doozy winching moment on Fultons Track, so we often joke en route, “Wonder if we have to winch this trip?!”

In early-March, Marcus and his 4×4 mate Javier decided to take another trip to Blue Rag and Crooked River. It was my first time and they knew I’d love it for the breathtaking scenery.

This trip provided many awe-inspiring moments.

Rather than taking the bitumen from Paynesville to Dargo and onto Blue Rag, Javier mapped out a few tracks to whet our appetite.


From Bairnsdale, we set off up Bullumwaal Road and continued along Mt Baldhead Road until reaching Jones Road where we aired down.


Wild Horse Track to Dane Track was an easy low range 4×4 journey. Murdering Spur Track tested Marcus’ skills, with a few moments of tricky terrain to navigate.

The descent along Downey Road to Dargo High Plains Road was relatively easy. With sunshine abound on a perfect Autumn day, and beautiful scenery across Treasure Plains, we enjoyed a racy drive up to Blue Rag Range.


Blue Rag Range is truly breathtaking, and a track that adventurers need to experience for themselves. We enjoyed lunch on the summit, before heading home via Crooked River.

No winch required. A successful day of 4×4 adventuring!

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